Interiors Design Trends 2022

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10 January 2022

Our director, Steve Hird previews some of the interior design trends we expect to be popular in 2022…

1. Colours

2022 colours focus on blues and brights. The Dulux Colour of the Year, ‘Bright Skies’ is a calming and tranquil blue that provides an ideal base for kitchens, bedrooms and home offices while Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2022 palette features cheerful pastels and refreshingly bright hues, reflecting the idea that we want to live in more light-hearted and unconstrained homes.

2. Japandi

No, I’ve not made up a word! Japandi design is a fusion of Scandinavian functionality with Japanese minimalism. It’s about creating bright spaces with clean lines, hidden storage and a simplistic beauty. Think natural materials and patterns alongside unfinished woods, all given warmth with accent colours and textures.

3. Multi-functional spaces

We’ve all had plenty of time to learn how we use the rooms in our homes and this year it’s time to style accordingly. Think wall-mounted drinks bars to help a living room provide an elegant socialising space, the study that doubles as a bedroom for a student returning from university, the garden pod that’s a home office and exercise studio, or the cosy kitchen corner that transforms into a home cinema.

4. Upcycling & Vintage

The collective emphasis on sustainability is a big trend for 2022 and this is translating in the popularity of antique, vintage or upcycled furniture. Not only is this more environmentally responsible but it really emphasises individuality. A pre-loved piece of furniture is unique, and whether you leave it as is or upcycle to suit your lifestyle, its story will always be worth telling.

5. Accents & Textures

With much interior design focusing on natural materials and simplicity, we’ll still need to inject depth and warmth into our styling. Black or dark accents on lamps, mirrors, handles, ornaments or picture frames all help create immediate contrast. Similarly, textured fabrics like waffle, boucle and twill ensure home comforts are equally inviting!

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