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29 November 2023

What will 2024 bring for showhome interior design trends? Earlier this year, Dulux named ‘Sweet Embrace’, a delicate pink, as its Colour of the Year, so we know one of the colours set to make a splash but what else should housebuilders be considering? Sam Jones, our head of brand, shares his top five trends…

1) Dopamine Décor

The carefully curated look is out and instead, home styling will lean towards bold, deliberately mismatched interiors which embrace vivid colours. Homeowners will seek designs that bring joy and a sense of carefree. This is the next iteration of the maximalist trend, now extending to wall treatments, fabric choices and accessories. Expect colourful rugs, bright upholstery and quirky furniture. With our ultimate goal to make a showhome memorable, dopamine décor is certainly one way to attract attention.


2) Circularity

Our collective commitment towards sustainable living remains as strong as ever and in 2024, we’ll need to continue demonstrating how this translates in the home environment. Natural materials such as wood, stone, linen and wool will all be favoured and help to create chic and stylish interiors. Part of this trend will be to incorporate more second-hand, upcycled or repurposed pieces, particularly furniture and accessories, so housebuilders shouldn’t be afraid to brief these, after all they make excellent talking points!  


3) Abstract Art

Moving away from the Matisse-style line drawings that were dominant this year, abstract artwork will feature heavily in 2024’s designs. Think shapes that are free form and individual. We’re not just talking wall art here either, lamp shades, objet d’art and occasional furniture will all follow this aesthetic. For house types with quirky layouts or apartments that need subtle subdivision, abstract art can provide a stylish and eye-catching solution.  


4) Buttery Yellow & Silver Strikes Back

Alongside Sweet Embrace, two colours to watch out for next year are yellow and silver. The darker shades of the yellow family (mustard, ochre, etc) that have been a staple of recent times will make way for softer, comforting shades like straw and butter. Similarly, silver is set to make its comeback alongside aluminium, chrome and stainless steel. We expect to see to this in light fittings and kitchens the most.


5) Multi-purpose spaces

Homeowners are letting go of traditionally badged rooms and making the space in their homes suit a lifestyle. This feedback is important for housebuilders to consider and some of the more popular showhomes we’ve installed recently have embraced the unconventional. So that could be turning a dining room into a playroom, a study into a craft room, or a bedroom into a cinema or teenager’s hideaway. Or it could be about embracing ‘self-care’ spaces, somewhere restorative that supports mental and physical wellbeing. We love using transitional spaces like landings and hallways to create a cosy spot to read, listen to a podcast or crochet!

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