Five Top Tips For Spectacular Showhomes

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Posting Date:

30 April 2024

A showhome is one of a housebuilder’s most important marketing tools. But how do you make it stand out from the crowd? Our director, Steve Hird shares his top five tips for housebuilders to consider…


How long do you expect to be selling from this showhome? The average lifespan is between two and three years, so its design needs to be as forward thinking as possible. Furniture and fabrics typically follow fashion, so you can look to this industry for examples of upcoming trends.


If a showhome isn’t specifically designed for a location or house type, it can end up with furniture that doesn’t enhance the space(s), or a design that simply doesn’t match the neighbourhood. It needs to have relevance so draw inspiration from local landmarks, sports teams, heritage, or the environment.


Showhomes are useful tools to demonstrate house types that people ‘don’t get’ on plan. If there’s features of the layout you want highlighted, discuss these with your design team from the outset, don’t make them an afterthought. Pick out details that video or photograph well, this is essential not just for your own social media content but to encourage visitors to post and share their discoveries too.

Retail Cues

As buyers are exposed to more choices via social media, the expectation for an ‘experience’ or ‘journey’ is even more prevalent. High street stores and car retailers are creating incredible, Instagrammable spaces for potential purchasers and housebuilders need to follow suit.

Everything should be displayed to sell, meaning it is visible, easily comparable and with any upgrades clearly identifiable. This includes necessary choices such as cabinetry, tiling and flooring but more recently we’ve incorporated displays for electrical sockets, taps, sinks and shower heads.


Once a showhome has launched, remember not to neglect it. This includes basic housekeeping like replacing room diffusers and hand soaps, washing or steaming bed linen and towels to avoid sun damage, but can also incorporate more significant upgrades. Showhome refreshes are popular and can range from big budget overhauls to more thoughtful alterations.

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